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Last Weeks Weeks Gallery and Video Updates
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Gallery and Video UPDATES

Gallery and Video Updates
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Thursday August 21st, 2014

Wednesday August 20th, 2014

Tuesday August 19th, 2014

Monday August 18th, 2014

Saturday August 16th, 2014

Friday August 15th, 2014

Thursday August 14th, 2014

Last Weeks Weeks Gallery and Video Updates
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Marco Rubi and Donato Reyes – Gallery and Video Clip

Gentlemen 10: Elite Class
Donato Reyes Fucks Assistant Marco Rubi in His Private Suite
Marco Rubi is serving as Donato Reyes’ new executive system: he’s to travel with him, share his meals with him, take care of all of his professional needs, and most of all, when the two businessmen are traveling and Donato is away from his wife, Marco is to take care of Donato’s personal and sexual needs as well. When the two men arrive in Donato’s private suite, they take a detour in the bathroom where they test not only the water pressure, but the blood pressure building up in their throbbing cocks too. Marco falls to his knees — where he belongs — and swallows his boss’ cock, but there’s a submissive side that Donato enjoys exploring, so he also sucks some cock. And he even takes his assistant’s cock up his ass, too — talk about flipping the reins of power!